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News // BreakPoint NU Launches

June 1, 2020

As the founding members of the student journal contend:

“We find ourselves in a broken world, a world we often attempt to fix with technology.

We have evidence to believe that often, technology does the opposite, re-entrenching us in our inequities, even without malicious intent. The onset of the Information Age has not solved the pernicious societal ills that have lingered with us since the beginning: oppression, exploitation, inequity, and all the nuanced ways in which innocent people have been setup to fail in their quests to live fulfilling, satisfying, and happy lives. And at what point do we break? Dreams, aspirations, bodies, communities, oppressions…at what point, and in which ways, is our tech contributing to, or creating,our fractured world?

This is what our journal seeks to take apart, reassemble, and hand back to you, our readers. We reanalyze technology and its effects, so that we may assist you in understanding your reality, and we hope this will aid us all in figuring out where we should be adjusting so that when the future arrives, we aren’t more oppressed than we are now. Breakpoint NU is a quarterly publication, examining technologies on Northwestern’s campus, Chicago, and beyond.”

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