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Examining Technology, Race, Equity, and Ethics in Education

The TREE Lab

Community Partners

TREE Lab is dedicated to building strong roots with the communities we seek to educate and learn from. We are currently collaborating with Family Matters, Endangered Peace Productions, Lucy Parsons Labs, Evanston Township High School (ETHS), and the Block Museum (details below and on our projects page).

If your organization is interested in collaborating with us, please get in touch.

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Family Matters

Family Matters partners with youth and families in northeast Chicago to address and overcome structural racism and systemic oppression to build an equitable society.

Their vision is to facilitate personal and Lab justice utilizing the Principles of Leadership – developing strong relationships, meaningful communication, and safe environments – for courageous social change.

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Endangered Peace Productions

Endangered Peace Productions writes, produces, and directs original film works, while creating video content for corporate brands and educational institutions.

Their film & video producers are committed to generating content that is both contemporary and equitable; and acknowledge the ways in which underrepresented people’s livelihoods, perspectives, and inherent peace remain in a state of danger.

They take pride in mentoring the next generation, and maintaining productive creative relationships, while having fun along the way.

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Lucy Parsons Labs

Lucy Parsons Labs is a charitable Chicago-based collaboration between data scientists, transparency activists, artists, & technologists that sheds light on the intersection of digital rights and on-the-streets issues.

Their main lines of work include providing digital security trainings, pursuing police accountability, researching the use of civil asset forfeiture, and filing public records requests.

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Kapor Center

The Kapor Center’s work focuses at the intersection of racial justice and technology, to fight for racial justice and create a more inclusive technology sector.

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Block Museum

The Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art enriches teaching and learning on the campuses of Northwestern University and in the communities of their surrounding regions by:

(1) Presenting art across time, cultures, and media; (2) convening interdisciplinary discussions in which art is a springboard for exploring issues and ideas, and (3) collecting art that supports the Northwestern University curriculum.

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Evanston Township High School

Evanston Township High School (ETHS) serves the city of Evanston and a small portion of the neighboring village of Skokie. Students from ETHS and Sullivan High School participate in YPRPT.